Recent Publications

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Recent Books



The Art of Gerhard Richter. Hermeneutics, Images, Meaning, London: Bloomsbury Press 2015 (paperback edition, 2017)

The Capitalist Schema. Time, Money, and the Culture of Abstraction, Lanham: Lexington Books 2014 (paperback edition, 2016)

Christian Lotz zu Karl Marx: das Maschinenfragment, Marxist Pocket Books 5, Hamburg: Laika Verlag 2014 [excerpts in Junge Welt, 10/8/2014]

Recent Articles & Essays

“Culture Industry,” Handbook of Frankfurt School Critical Theory, volume II, ed. Best, Beverly; Bonefeld, Werner; O’Kane, Chris; Larsen, Neil, London: Sage 2018, 973-987.

“Post-Marxism,” Handbook of Frankfurt School Critical Theory, volume III, ed. Best, Beverly; Bonefeld, Werner; O’Kane, Chris; Larsen, Neil, London: Sage 2018, 1332-1347.

“Sensuality, Materiality, Painting. What is Wrong with Jaspers’ and Heidegger’s van Gogh Interpretations?,” Van Gogh among the Philosophers: Painting, Thinking, Being, ed. David Nichols, Lanham: Lexington Books 2018, 81-97.

“Alienation, Private Property, and Democracy. Why Worrell and Krier Raise Questions in the Clouds.,” Critical Sociology, 2018, Vol. 44(2), 267-274.

“Gegenständlichkeit. From Marx to Lukacs and Back Again,” Theory and Practice: Critical Theory and the Thought of Andrew Feenberg, ed. Darrell Arnold and Michel, Andreas, London: Palgrave 2017, 71-89.

“Fiction without Fantasy. Capital Fetishism as Objective Forgetting,” Continental Thought & Theory, 2, 2017, 364-382.

“Luther’s influence on Heidegger,“ Encyclopedia of Martin Luther and the Reformation, ed. Mark A. Lamport and George Thomas Kurian, London: Rowman&Littlefield 2017, 320-323.

“Representing Capital? Mimesis, Realism, and Contemporary Photography,” The Social Ontology of Capitalism, ed. Daniel Krier and Mark P. Worrell, London: Palgrave 2017, 173-193.


“Art = Capital? Reflections on Joseph Beuys’ Das Kapital Raum 1970-1977,” Against Value in the Arts and Education, ed. Sam Ladkin, Robert McKay, and Emile Bojesen, Rowman & Littlefield 2016, 195-213.

“Husserl, Expressionism, and the Eidetic Impulse in Brücke’s Woodcut,” Phenomenology and the Arts, ed. Peter Costello and Licia Carlson, Lanham: Lexington Books 2016, 91-119.

Recent Reviews

Review of “William Claire Roberts: Marx’s Inferno. The Political Theory of Capital,” Contemporary Political Theory, Supplement 3, 17/8, 2018, 139-142.

Review of “Lambert Zuidervaart: Truth in Husserl, Heidegger, and the Frankfurt School,” Journal of the History of Philosophy, 56:2, 2018, 379-380.

Review of „Patrick Murray: The Mismeasure of Wealth. Essays on Marx and Social Form,” Marx&Philosophy Review of BooksAug 18, 2017.

Recent Media Contributions

„Kartelle, Konkurrenz, Planung. Über einige Grundwidersprüche im gegenwärtigen Wirtschaftssystem,“ Neues Deutschland, July 29, 2017, 10.

„Ein Tag wird kommen. Sozialutopie und Sprache bei Ingeborg Bachmann,” Neues DeutschlandMarch 4, 2017, 23.

bachmannnd„Nah an der Monarchie. Die Trump-Regierung ist ein Symptom für die Krise der demokratischen Institutionen“, AK – Analyse und Kritik. Zeitung für linke Debatte und Praxis, 624/February, 2017.

„Informationskrieg und Expertokratie. Die herrschende US-Politik stützt sich auf enge Verbindungen von Expertise und Reichtum“, AK – Analyse und Kritik. Zeitung für linke Debatte und Praxis, 623/January, 2017.

Publications in Press

“Categorial Forms as Intelligibility of Social Objects. Reification and Objectivity in Lukács,” in Confronting Reification: The Revitalization of a Concept in Late Capitalism, ed. Gregory Zucker, Leiden: Brill/Chicago: Haymarket Books.

“Gewissen und Widerstand,” in Vernunft und Leben aus transzendentaler Perspektive. Festschrift für Albert Mues zum 80. Geburtstag, ed. Leonhard Möckl, Michael Gerten, Matthias Scherbaum, Würzburg: Königshausen&Neumann.

“Marxist Aesthetics, Realism, and Photography. On Brecht’s War Primer.” in Capital in the Mirror:  Critical Social Theory and the Aesthetic Dimension, ed. Daniel Krier and Mark P. Worrell, New York: SUNY Press

“Movement or Event? Negri vs. Badiou on Politics,” in Italian Philosophy: Engaging Contemporary European Perspectives, ed. Antonio Calcagno and Silvia Benso, New York: SUNY Press.